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"Australian Popular Culture - A look at some of the most famous bands and musicians from Australia!"

This page focuses on bands and musicians that are from Australia. Look down the list and you will see some significant talent on the list.

Do you have a personal favourite - one that I have perhaps missed?

  • INXS - Fronted by the gorgeous Michael Hutchence on lead vocals, this Sydney based rock band hit their peak of fame and Australian popular culture in the 1980's and 1990's with albums such as "Kick" and "X" - my personal favourite tune "Never Tear us Apart" Michael dated Kylie Minogue for a while but sadly hung himself in a hotel in Double Bay, Sydney in 1997 from depression. The band didn't perform for a year afterwards. Their fame has been resurrected recently through the reality TV programme to find a new lead singer.
  • ACDC
  • - Quite Possibly the most famous band ever to come out of Australia and an icon of Australian popular culture. To date ACDC have sold over 200 million albums worldwide. The two brothers Malcolm and Angus Young were originally from Glasgow but moved to Sydney in 1963 with their family. Highway to Hell is perhaps their most well know album, co written by Bon Scott, the lead singer who died after an alcohol binge and was later replaced by Brian Johnson

  • Kylie Minogue
  • - An Australian Icon in her own right. Kylie is originally from Melbourne where she grew up with her sister Danni Minogue (also a singer) and brother Brendan. She is well known for her acting career in the Australian soap "Neighbours" where she played the role of Charlene, starring and marrying the character played by Jason Donovan. Her first single "The locomative" was a huge hit, produced by Stock Aitken and Waterman and she has gone on to have successful album after successful album. Today she has an OBE from Buckingham Palace and has been recognised for the great job she has done in raising awareness of breast cancer

  • Natalie Imbruglia
  • - Her career has followed a similar path to Kylie but without quite as much success! She started out playing Beth in Neighbours and then left the soap to become a singer. Her first song "Torn" was a huge success but her subsequent albums have struggled to be as big.

  • Powder Finger - Originally from Brisbane, this band formed in 1989 and went on to have have International success with its albums Odyssey Number 5 and Internationalists. They toured extensively (once with Siver Chair), did much for raising awareness of important causes and finally announced their split in 2010.
  • Silverchair - A great Aussie Rock band, originally from Newcastle just outside of Sydney, the band formed in 1992. They started off doing covers of other well known rock bands touring around the Hunter Valley Region. In 1997 they started to get really well known with hit singles such as "freak" and "tomorrow". They have not produced anymore albums since 2003 but have reunited for special charity concerts and events since

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