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"Australian Maps - Free City Maps and Recommendations!"

Below I've created lots of FREE maps for you, of all the major cities. I hope you find them useful for planning your trip.

But, you probably need to buy a good map as well, especially if you are planning on doing any Australia Road Trips Please review the suggestions that follow too.

And don't forget, Australia is bigger than Europe and about the same size as mainland USA. That means that what looks like a one hour drive on the map (e.g. Sydney to Melbourne), it will take you 9 hours!

FREE City Maps

If you are looking for Australian maps of each of the main cities then follow the links below. These maps are great for getting your bearings and understanding your chosen hotel location in relation to the main attractions.

The link to the road maps page will give you a google map of the key Australian Road Trips which will be useful to understand distances between each stop off:

Map of Melbourne.

Sydney Australia Map.

Map of Canberra.

Map of Adelaide.

Map Tasmania.

Map of Great Barrier Reef.

Map of perth.

Australia Wine Regions Map.

Australian Road Maps.

You Still Need To Buy One Of These Comprehensive Australian Maps:

If you are planning any road trips, then get a decent map. You'll see my picks of the best maps below.

Do you have a GPS/Sat Nav? You can use your device in Australia. We have the standard cigarette lighter socket in all cars so it will charge OK.

All you need to do is get a chip (Garmin example here) or download the Australia map from your provider e.g Tomtom. There is a cost for both processes but well worth it!

Garmin City Navigator Australia & New Zealand NT (microSD/SD card)

Best Road Maps

I like the Periplus because it is small, light and compact. It shows all the major routes, cities and towns. The cities are a good size but the rest of the country is a little small. This is a good option as an overview. If you are doing a coastal road trip, it's hard to get lost so a map like this would be fine.

I'm still not great at folding these maps back to how they should be though - perhaps it's a girl thing!

BUY IN AUSTRALIA:Australia Periplus Map

BUY IN THE US: Australia Travel Map 2011

BUY IN THE UK:Australia Periplus Map 2011

The AA Road Atlas is one of the most comprehensive Australian maps as it is very detailed. A great choice for anyone wanting to head in land or go off the coastal roads.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA: AA Motoring Atlas Australia

BUY IN THE US: AA Road Atlas Australia

BUY IN THE UK: AA Road Atlas Australia

If you are up for some serious full on Desert Road Trips and you really want to experience the outback, then the Australia Great Desert Tracks Atlas is a must. It is full of practical information, what to see and do and well as detailed maps.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA:Great Desert Tracks Atlas And Guide

BUY N THE US: Australia Great Desert Tracks Atlas

BUY IN THE UK: Australia Great Desert Tracks atlas & guide

Maps For Your Wall

We have an Australian Wall Map in our hall and we found it a great visual way to plan our trips away. We also love circling all the places that we have visited. A great souvenir after your trip too.

BUY IN THE US: Australia Wall Map (tubed)

BUY IN THE UK: Australia Wall Map

We got one of these scratch personalised wall maps for Christmas and I love it! You get to scratch off all the places in the world you have visited and you can feel inspired to plan your next trip somewhere new. A great gift for a traveler or yourself:

BUY IN THE US: Scratch Personalized World Map Poster

BUY IN THE UK: Travel Scratch Map

Best Australia Travel Guide

Now that you've found the best maps, what about the best Australia travel book? Check out my page to find out more.

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