Australian Holidays

"The Best Attractions in Australia"

Planning your Australian holidays? There are just certain Australia attractions that you just can't miss.

Below is a guide to help you make the most of your time here in Oz.

Australia Attractions No. 1: The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. It is teaming with marine life with many vulnerable and endangered species. Given its location off the coast of tropical Cairns, this area is perfect for Australian holidays

Whether you only want to snorkel or whether you fancy a go at diving. This is a great place to see the marine world of Australia.

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Australia Attractions No. 2 The beautiful beaches

Australia has miles and miles of beautiful coastline. So is it any wonder that many tourists come to spend australian holidays on some of its most magnificent beaches?

There literally is a beach to suit everyone. So whether you like your beach to have white sand and turquoise waters, or you prefer beautiful scenery and sunsets there is a beach to suit you.

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Australia Attractions No. 3 Awesome cities

You can't come to Australia without seeing the iconic Sydney opera House or Harbour Bridge! But try to explore a little further a field and discover just how different the cities of Australia really can be.

Australian holidays should include at least one city.

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Australia Attractions No.4:The Australian Outback

For me you have to visit the Australian Outback for your Australian holidays. Below is a comprehensive guide as to what to do to enjoy a trip to the Australian outback.

The locals commonly refer to it as those parts of Australia that are not in the well populated urban areas. This is not strictly true but generally we mean areas which are even more remote than "the bush."

The landscape is very recognisable by its amazing red dust. As you might imagine, it's generally very hot and there is very little rain.

As a result, there isn't much that can survive out here so the landscape is barren with the odd dingo or camel wandering around.

There are however some great rock formations, landscapes and places to visit and I can't recommend enough that you take the time to explore one of its areas.

I'm really not a spiritual person but the Australian outback is totally amazing - a very spiritual place and you get to appreciate the immense size of Australia.

Here are my top recommendations of what to do and see in the Australian outback, my no.1 place for Australian Holidays

  • The Red Centre Drive from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock via Kings Canyon

  • The Gibb River Road A 700km trip down unsealed roads exploring gorges and stunning rock formations. Worth adding on a trip to Broome

  • The Bungle Bungles, the Kimberleys - another amazing rock formation and see the scenery that was in Australia the Movie

  • Darwin and Kakadu National Park
  • Whilst its probably more bush than outback, the top end of Australia is still very remote and relatively unspoiled. A good trip to see crocs, barmy weather, national parks and fabulous birdlife.

  • Great Australian Cattle Drive 2010. Help herd cattle and experience a real outback adventure

  • If you are really up the true outback experience then take the Oodnadatta track in South Australia. The journey starts in Maree and leads you all the way to the northern territory. This is a more interesting experience than taking the Stuart highway. The roads are pretty well maintained but you it is like driving through the desert more or less the entire way.

    There are several branches off the main track that you can take. One leads to Birdsville which is another classic outback town, famous for its races which are held in September. If you take the route north then you must go to Lake Eyre and the William Creek Pub in William Creek. Every traveler has left something there and you really can't see the walls for cards and memorabilia.

  • Stay on an outback Queensland Cattle station at Namoi Hills. You'll find it at Dingo, 150km west of Rockhampton in Queensland. It's popular with backpackers as its very reasonably priced. You can make a didgeridoo, learn to throw a boomerang, horse trek, go quad biking and then sleep under the stars

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