Australian Food

"Australian Food - Your taste buds are about to get a work out!"

One of the great things about Australia is its food. I can honestly say that the food here is amazing. Being fairly close to Asia and having such a multi-cultural population, the fusion that this creates on your plate is really quite impressive.

Whether you are wondering where to experience the best food in Australia, want to know more about Aboriginal Food and bush tucker, wondering how to recreate a true Aussie BBQ or wanting to know some classic foods to try whilst you are here, then this page for you.

Aboriginal Food

The Aborigines have being living off the land here in Australia for literally thousands of years. It is quite astounding how many native plants, berries and creatures can be eaten.

To find out more visit Australian Aboriginal Food

or Bush Tucker for more information on the plants, fruits, nuts and spices they used.

Where To Experience Great Australian Food

As I have previously said, the food you can experience here in Oz is fabulous.

You must try the sea food, whether that's Barramundi, whole snapper , soft shell crab or Moreton Bay Bugs (pictured above - full of great white meat and tastes a bit like lobster)

The main cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are all great places to experience the wonders of fusion cooking where East meets West. You can expect the best restaurants to offer a wide range of Australian foods with an Asian twist.

Each city offers Food Safaris which are an excellent chance to fully experience the markets as well as the restaurants and different cultures. See Australian food Culturefor more details.

You should also consider Tasmania Australia as a culinary delight. The seafood, wine, meat and cheese make for an awesome combination.

You can also see what restaurants I recommend by going to:

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And if you want to enjoy some local food in your apartment or hotel room then check out the Eat Now Food Delivery service.

Typical Australian Food

It's good to experience some of the little things in life that make Australia, Australia

Here are a list of a few things you should try whilst you are here:

  • Aussie Meat Pie or Sausage Roll- sounds simple but the Aussies really do love a good Meat Pie. You need to find an authentic one though. Take a trip to Woolloomooloo in Sydney and try one of Harry's Meat Pies at Cafe de Wheels just outside the wharf.
  • Vegemite - A bit like Marmite if you have heard of this. The Aussie's spread this on their toast every morning and kids are pretty much brought up on the stuff. Full of Vitamin B
  • Pavlova Recipe- A big contentious question. Who invented the Pavlova - the Austarlians or the Kiwi's (New Zealand). Whoever did, this dish gets served regularly as a dessert, particularly at Christmas. It's meringue topped with cream and fresh fruit. Here's a fool proof recipe and ideas for toppings
  • Lamingtons - a sponge cake with chocolate and coconut on the outside.
  • Anzac Biscuits - Steeped in history of war and full of the goodness of oats
  • Tim Tams - the most famous of the Australian chocolate Biscuit. Did you know it is named after a race horse?
  • Twisties- Crisps/Chips to die for!
  • Violet Crumble - Think Crunchie if you are from the UK. Honeycomb coated in chocolate
  • Cherry Ripe - A delicious Chocolate bar with a cherry coconut centre

  • Australian Recipes and BBQ's

    This section is designed to inspire you to create your own Aussie dishes. Granted if you live outside of Australia, you may struggle to get great fish or Moreton Bay Bugs.

    But you can still "throw another Shrimp on the Barbie" and enjoy a great steak or two.

    Click here for more information on true Aussie Food including dishes and ingredients that you are likely to experience in Oz.

    Then this page will help you recreate some of those dishes including a traditional Aussie BBQ Australian Food Recipes

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