Australian Food Culture

"I've never had a bad meal here in 6 years!"

Whilst the Australian Food Culture is steeped in the heritage of the Aboriginals, today you'll be amazed at the influence and fusion of its multi-cultural society.

Australian food are quite simply amazing.

If you are into food and wine, then ensure your trip takes in some culinary delights.

Perhaps you would prefer to experience some proper Bush Tucker

and excite your senses with some more unusual food of plants, flowers, ants bugs, crocodile, emu or Kangaroo?!

Where to go to experience Australian Food Culture

  • The cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are known for their great food.
  • Head to one of these cities to experience great food. The section "Where to eat" in the city guides will give you some good places to try. Famous chefs like Bill Granger are always worth a visit.

  • Take part in specific food and wine tours within the cities.
  • In Sydney check out who run tours most weekends to explore specific "villages" within Sydney where people of particular nationalities have settled e.g. Italian, French, Thai etc. Book well in advance as they are very popular.

    The Sydney Fish Market also runs cooking classes. The seafood BBQ class is very popular. Book well in advance.

    In Adelaide why not totally indulge and take the Grazing on Gouger progressive lunch that takes in 5 restaurants on Gouger and includes China Town and Central Market. Runs Weekends only from 12pm. Allow 4 hours (only have a light breakfast and you certainly won’t need dinner!) Cost $120 pp

    The Melbourne Food Tours offer similar types of experiences as well as cooking classes from $99 per person. It normally includes a tour of the markets and delis.

    The Barossa Valley

    just outside Adelaide has some great restaurants and a good tour called Barossa Butcher, Baker, Winemaker Trail where you get a gourmet hamper and the wineries will match the wine to your food.

  • Head to the Alpine district of Oven Valley, Victoria to stay in lovely B&B's and enjoy great local produce and restaurants. Bright is a particularly nice town from which to base yourself. The trees here are just totally stunning in Autumn. Try Apartments on Delaney as a good place to stay. The apartments are very spacious.
  • Eat and stay in a fabulous restaurant for a total gourmet experience
  • Check out Chris’s Villas at Beacon Point in the "Where to stay" section on the Great Ocean Drive

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