Australian Currency

Australian Currency

Australian Currency

What is the Australian Currency? We are planning a visit to Australia in December and we were wondering whether we can use American Dollars whilst I am there?

What about travellers cheques - should I bring these or will I be able to use my credit card when I am there. I just don't like carrying lots of cash around with me.

Many thanks


The local currency is Australian Dollars and no you can't use American dollars! The exchange rate is currently very similar between the two currencies.

It can be difficult to change $50 and $100 especially on public transport and even taxis. Make sure you carry some change and smaller notes ($20 and $10) with you. Ask for some small notes if you are getting cash before you come.

There are extensive ATM machines that you can use throughout Australia and your credit card should work. Most places have a chip and pin system so make sure you know your pin number!

You have to pick which account to process your payment - credit, cheque or savings. If you are using a debit visa card then you may have to try both cheque or savings to see which works.

I don't think you need to worry about bringing travellers cheques.

Hope this answers your question on Australian Currency. You'll find other practical information in this link for planning your trip.

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