Australian Animals

"From the Cute to the Deadly"

Australian animals are interesting to many travellers hence my decision to include them on this website. The reason for this is that Australia offers many unique and interesting types of animals. In fact, once I got started on this section, I couldn't stop! There really are some amazing ones to choose from.

Animal Facts

Australia has one of the highest number of animals that are unique to that country alone. This is due to the fact that Australia remained undiscovered for many years so was untouched. It is also to do with the soil and flora over geological time.

Australia has one of the lowest number of “placental mammals.” These are mammals that are more closely related to humans. Instead, Australia has an abundance of marsupial mammals, which are animals that carry their young in a pouch.

It has more Venomous. than non-venomous snakes. The likelihood of you running into one however is still very slim.

It also has one of the largest number of dangerous animals. These include jelly fish, snakes and spiders which could kill you if you were to be unfortunate enough to come across one.

I’ve been here 5 years and only had one interesting episode with a spider. That spider was totally harmless but was rather large! It should certainly not stop your travel plans. Just follow some simple guidelines to make your stay as safe as possible.

But if you really want to know what they are then here they are:

Salt Water CrocodileResponsible for the largest number of deaths in Australia. Find out why

Blue Ring Octopus A sting like that you would want to avoid!

Box Jelly FishAnother deadly Jelly Fish lurking in our waters

venomous snakes

Funnel Web Spider Found around Sydney and very deadly

Great White Shark attack They are on the increase.Find out why and how to avoid an attack

Red Back Spider Suprisingly no deaths due to a new anti-venom but these are still very common. Find out what they look like

StonefishSomethingyou won't want to stand on - trust me!

The most popular and more friendly animals for travellers are the Kangaroo and the Koala Bear. Whilst both can appear cute and cuddly, don’t try approaching either without supervision when out in the wild. They can be vicious and ferocious, with a Kangaroo giving you a good kicking if you are not careful.

Dolphins are another great marine mammal that many visitors enjoy seeing here in Australia. For where to see them and more go to Dolphin Facts. Another intriguing see creature are the Dugongs. You can see these in some of Australia's waters but also at Sydney Aquarium.

Below gives you all you need to know about Australian animals
From Native Animals. to the dangerous, you can get to know the Australian animals.

These sections will also give you key facts, where to find them (or avoid them) and other useful information including first aid for stings and bites.

yellow spotted tree frog cameljoey kangaroo
Endangered AnimalsAustralian desert AnimalsAustralian Kangaroos
cassowarycrocodile Koala Bears
Australian Rainforest AnimalsDangerous AnimalsKoala Bears
flying fox kangaroos numbat
Unique AnimalsKangaroo FactsNative Animals
sleeping koala
Koala Facts

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