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"Find the best Australia Wine Tour to suit you!!"

Scrolling through pages and pages of wine tours or leaflets when you get to your destination can be a little confusing - which one do you choose?

What's great is that there are heaps of wine tours available throughout Australia and I'd certainly recommend you look into at least doing one.

It means you don't have to worry about watching what you drink to be able to drive back to the closest city or your accommodation. This might be rural Australia but the police are HOT on drink driving. I'd recommend you have a designated driver who doesn't drink or do an Australia Wine Tour instead.

So the first decision you need to make is which region to visit and this will totally depend on where the rest of your trip is taking you to - Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney all have fairly accessible wine regions you can visit and Tasmania itself has some fabulous ones around Launceston in particular. You can find out which REGION might suit you most by reviewing:

Australia wine Regions Map to see where these regions are located.

Visit Australia wine Regions for my recommendations of the best wineries to visit.

Finding The Best Australia Wine Tour For You

Firstly you need to decide what you are after in a tour - you really have 3 choices

1) A bus tour - budget - A bus full of people, usually leaving from the centre of a city including a transfer to and from your wine region, with a stop off at about 5 or 6 wineries with lunch included. Good for a day trip.

2) A small bus tour - A mini bus of about 15 people. It can include a transfer from the major nearby city or it can be run from the wine region itself - i.e. you would have to get yourself to the wine region first. This is a good option if you plan to hire a car and spend a couple of days in the region. You then have the freedom to explore the area at your own leisure but then do a tour without worrying about driving.

3) Bespoke tour - the above two options tend to be the best value for money but if you are looking for a more personal experience, want to visit some "off the beaten track" wineries and have some interesting commentary, have a lovely lunch at one of the wineries, then you may want to book a personalised tour just for you/your group. Expect to pay more but expect to get a real experience.

Best Australia Wine Tours by Region


Hunter Valley

  • Aussie Wine Tours, Hunter Valley for a personalised bespoke tour - treat yourself
  • Boutique Wine Tours - personalised, small and intimate and they know their stuff
  • L'art du Vin - tends to be a large group. Day trip from Sydney but tour includes 3 course lunch at a winery

    Barossa Valley

  • Grape Valley Tours - will pick you up in Adelaide but likely to be only 8 people max. More expensive but feels more personalised
  • Groovy Grape Getaways - more budget option. Bus tour, includes all costs. Will pick up from Adelaide
  • For Wine or Reason - for the true romantic. This offers travel in a luxury car from Adelaide. Certainly on the pricey side this one!

    Yarra Valley

  • Allday Winery Tour - budget day trip from Melbourne. Will take you to some of the most well known wineries in the region
  • Vinetrekker Wine Tours - luxury day tours or overnight food and wine trips, personalised service
  • Driven Indulgence - hire your own driver for the day. expensive but romantic!

    Margaret River

  • Taste the South Winery Tours - large bus tour, depending on demand, so it is good value for money. Will take you to the popular wineries and some of the boutique shops. Day trip from Perth
  • Margaret River Tours -knowledgeable guides and departs from a 15km radius from Margaret River. Usually small mini bus size

    Tamar Valley Wine

  • Valley Brook Tours offer full day and half day tours from Launceston. Full day includes lunch and half day includes cheese platter

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