Australia Wine Shiraz

"Shiraz - The most popular Australian Red Wine "

Australia Wine Shiraz is generally a full bodied red wine that won't disappoint! It makes up about one fifth of all the red wine planted in Australia and has the lofty title as the most widely grown grape in Australia

It used to be known as Syrah which is actually the name of the grape used. But with the popularity of the Australian Shiraz, many countries have followed Australia and renamed their Wine Shiraz.

Ripe fruit, and soft tannins with some American oak have become the signature for Australian Shiraz.

The Process of Making Australia Red Wine (inc Shiraz)

  • Red wines are made by using red grapes. The key difference between red and white wines is that all the skins, juice and seeds are used for the production of Red Wine.
  • Red wines are fermented at higher temperatures than white wines too
  • The extraction of the compounds of the red grape skins is the key to making red wine- (removing the skin and pips etc)
  • Maceration is the period during which the wine remains in contact with the grape skins. - The total period of maceration varies from as little as two to three days to one month or more, depending on the wine style
  • Full bodied wines are left longer during the maturation stage
  • Where To Find Shiraz in Australia

    The beauty of Shiraz is that it can grow in a range of climates. Cool climate Shiraz has become popular particularly in areas such as Coonawarra just outside Adelaide. These cool climate areas produce a more spicey Shiraz

    These produce very different types of Shiraz than say the warmer climate areas where the plum notes are much more prominent.

    You can therefore experience very different types and styles of Australia wine shiraz depending on where you go:

    Best Regions are:

    Coonawarra outside Adelaide

    Hunter Valley outside Sydney

    Barossa Valley outside Adelaide

    Clare Valley - outside Adelaide. See Adelaide Wine Regions

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