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Australia wine is quickly becoming popular across the globe and is giving some of the old world wines from France a run for its money.

You really should include a trip to one of these fantastic wine regions of Australia. You won't be disappointed with the beautiful landscapes, hospitality and of course the wine.

There's plenty of wine regions to choose from too so it's easy to fit one in as part of your trip to say Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Tasmania.

Australia Wine Regions Map

The Best Wine Regions of Australia

You can see from the map link above there are lots of wine regions to choose from.

If you simply want to enjoy great wine Australia and see some of the country, my favourites would be:-

Adelaide Wine Regions - there are 3 regions all very close to Adelaide. Great as you can combine with a city experience and Kangaroo Island. The most famous of the Adelaide wine regions is the Barossa. Click here for more information on the Barossa Valleyor here for Kangaroo Island Australia

Margaret River just outside of Perth is in my opinion, the most stunning wine region with beautiful wineries offering fantastic food and wine Australia. Probably best known for its pinot noir.

Then on the opposite side are amazing beaches. Have a gorgeous lunch and then go sleep it off on the beach - perfect!

If you are heading to Sydney then a day trip or weekend in the Hunter Valley is also an experience. There are heaps of wineries positioned around a few townships. Each of the towns offers a few boutique shops such as cheese shops, chocolate shops and a few crafty places. It is more famous for its full bodied reds like Shiraz and its Chardonnays.

There are plenty of coach trips either in the Hunter itself or from Sydney so you don't have to worry about having one too many drinks.Check out my Australia Tours from Sydney page for more details on the best wineries to visit.

If you are planning a trip to Tasmania Australia then please do incorporate some of their wineries. My favourite are is just outside of Launceston where you will find the Tamar Valley Wine and the sparkling wine area too along Piper River. The wines are great and some of the restaurants and grounds really are worth spending some time at.

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