Australia White Wine

"Australia White Wine- whatever Your tipple, you'll find one to suit!"

Australia offers a wide range of white wine varieties with the most popular probably being its chardonnay. There is however a trend away from the really heavy oaked chardonnays to some of the lighter wines such as sauvignon Blanc and even semillion.

There are also some great "stickies" here too also known as dessert or sweet wines.

This page will tell you a little bit about the process of making white wine and the varieties that you can expect to find in Australia.

It will then tell you the best places to find these delicious wines!

The Process For Making White Wine

  • Getting the juice from the grape berries is the first stage. For fuller flavoured wines there is more pressing with the skins. More delicate wines try to avoid contact with the skin and the juice is extracted quickly
  • The juice is then clarified. Again, it depends on the type of white wine being produced as to how clear the juice needs to be. The more delicate the wine, the more clarifying the wine needs
  • Temperature is another important factor during the fermentation process for how the wines will develop. Fuller bodied wines are stored in oak barrels with less temperature regulation. Delicate wines are stored in stainless steel tanks with a cooler temperature
  • There are then a number of techniques to stabalise and clear out the wine again

  • Common Australia White Wine Varieties

  • Chardonnay - the most popular white wine in Australia. Did you know that most white wines have the chardonnay grape at its base?

    Chardonnays can be full bodied and oaked or much more subtle. It depends on how the wine has been made and from what region. The main regions would be Barossa Valley, the Yarra Valley and Adelaide Hills.

    It usually has scents of ripe figs, honey, butter, hazelnuts and spice. Best with chicken or pork.

  • Sauvignon Blanc - a much lighter, grassy and crisper wine but can be much fruitier when grown in warmer climates.

    You'll find the best Australian Sauvignon Blanc in the Margaret River or Adelaide Hills.

  • Semillon - A wine that has been grown in Australia for over 200 years and is often blended with other wines e.g. A Sauvignon Semillon is very popular as is a Semillon Chardonnay.

    Best experienced in the Hunter Valley or Barossa Valley.

    On its own a Semillon is a rich white wine with few aromas. Good with pasta or soft cheeses.

  • Muscat - Makes some of the best sweet wines or "Stickies" with its well know orange peel aroma. You'll find most wineries will have their own variety but it performs best in North East Regions of Victoria

  • Which Regions To Visit for Australia White Wine?

    You can visit plenty of wine regions to experience White Wine.

    Try Hunter Valley near Sydney or Barossa Valley near Adelaide for Chardonnay or Semillon and Margaret River for Sauvingon Blanc

    I'd suggest looking at my Australia wine Regions page for more details.

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