Australia Visas

"Getting the right help can be invaluable to get through the red tape"

Australia visas are complicated as there are just so many of them. Having been through the system I know a fair bit about them but I would still get a professional involved so that they can understand your personal circumstances and suggest the right visa for you.

Which visa is right for you?

There are lots of different classes of Australia visas.

Australia Tourist Visa

If you are coming here on holiday and intend to travel or maybe do a little a bit of work to fuel your travel, then you are on the wrong page. You need to go to this page for an Australia travel visa

Staying more Permanently in Australia

For staying more permanently in Australia you will need other australia visas.

The most common way of staying more permanently in Australia is through the skilled migration route. Your job, english ability and age are awarded points. You need a total of 120 points to enter the country.

Once you have worked out that you have enough points, you need to apply and fill in a large amount of paperwork. This is the same for all Australia visas - lots of paperwork! The process can take up to 3 years unless you have a job that is deemed to be "In Demand".

If this is the case, your application is likely to be fast tracked. The immigration website has a full list of jobs that they deem to be in demand.

Is there a quicker way?

If you are lucky enough to be eligible for a working holiday visa, then this is the best way to get into the country. Once here you can officially work for a company and then try to get them to sponsor you for a 457 Temporary work visa which is valid for 4 years. You can only work for this company though.

If you aren't eligible for the working holiday visa, you would need to come over on a tourist visa and then try and find work with a company willing to sponsor you.

Sponsorship is getting harder and harder so be prepared for this to take some time. You should also check out whether your job is in demand in Australia, particularly during a recession.

Before you decide, make sure this is the right country for you. This is a good ebook that you can download that compares Australia on several different criteria with over 15 other first world countries. Just click on the book for more details.

How Australia Compares

Other visa options?

There are lots of other visa options such as spouse visas and regional visas. It is much easier to get a visa if you are prepared to live in a regional part of Australia i.e not the major cities.

I strongly recommend contacting a professional Australian Immigration Lawyer though to understand the likelyhood of success.

For more information on visas, visit the Australia immigration website

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