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"Find a tour that's right for you"

There are so many Australia travel tours to choose from that its difficult to know where to start!

My aim in this website is actually to equip you with all the knowledge you need to explore Australia yourself so you don't need to have the added expense of an Australian travel tour.

That said, there are some very good reasons when a tour is the right thing to do. This page should help you choose the right one for you.

Why take a tour?

  • If you are traveling on your own then australia travel tours are probably the cheapest way for you to see Australia unless you plan to see Australia by bus.

    If there are two or more of you, then it is more economical to hire a car. On my calculations, you will spend less money V's a tour by doing it yourself and that includes staying in 4 star accommodation all the way.

  • If you like to feel safe and secure and want everything to be organised for you then a tour is the right thing. Some people don't relax and worry about being somewhere new. If this is you - then choose a few australia travel tours as part of your holiday.
  • Hard to reach places - the Kimberleys and the Gibb River Road are, in my opinion the most unspoilt and beautiful parts of Australia. It's a pretty adventurous place to come. Tours are therefore a good option for places like this unless you are feeling adventurous. Click here for more information on the Gibb River Road and the Kimberleys

    Arnhem land near Darwin is one of the only places you can visit to see Aboriginal culture at its best. Getting onto the land is very difficult without the right permits. This is a classic place where an australian travel tour is highly recommended.
  • Tours can enhance experiences and give you more knowledge of certain areas. They can also be more of an adventure. Half day tours in national parks or walking trails are excellent for this. You don't necessarily need to do 4 days to get the knowledge. The best tours are the ones taken by aboriginal elders

  • Which tour operators?

    As you travel around Australia you will be bombarded with flyers for day trips and tours. It's fine to pick the one that fits your budget and looks OK but for tours that include overnight stays and a significant chunk of your holiday, you need to get the right one for you.

    No offence backpackers, but sometimes when you get a bit older, you don't want to be surrounded by twenty somethings, nor are you quite prepared to rough it.

    The below travel operators offer the best tours and tend to have a mixture of age groups. Whilst accommodation is still basic, they tend to have excellent facilities e.g. tents with proper beds or opportunities to upgrade to hotels.

    Connections travel

    Lords Safaris

    APT Touring

    AAT Kings

    Intrepid travel

    Which tours to pick

    Below is a selection of Australia travel tours which I think would be good to add to your holiday:-

    Western Australia

    10 day Perth to Perth via Ningaloo Reef and Karjini National Park. Run by Western Xposure. A great one for the backpackers or those on a budget as its reasonably priced and covers the outback and the coast.

    The Kimberleys

    11 day bungle bungle tour with AAT Kings - classic tour taking in all the key sites.

    Kimberley Spiritual Experience - a great one to discover this amazing and spiritual place. Totally off the normal track so you can to see some unusual and amazing places. Learn about aboriginal history, dreamtime and get to know the people. Tour by Wundargoodie Aboriginal Safaris $3200 per person.

    7 day spirit of the Kimberley run by Kimberley wild expeditions ($1800 per person) - this takes in my favourite sites from this area including Cape Leveque in a 4WD experience.

    The Outback

    S04 4 day Red Centre Dreamtime Tour with Connections Tours -takes in all the key sites and accommodation is better than most.

    Essence of the Outback - a full on hands on adventure through Queensland and the outback. 8 days with Intrepid Travel for $2215. A good one if you have a sense of adventure and fancy mingling with some interesting local characters.

    Western Simpson 11 day Desert Trek - run by Outback Camel Company ($4000 per person). You need a reasonable level of fitness for this one as it involves walking about 15km every day in the desert. It's a totally different experience though and a way to truly understand the Australian outback.

    The top end

    Arnhem Land and Cobourg Peninsula by Venture North ($1500 per person) - immerse yourself in aboriginal culture. With only 20 vehicles permitted onto the peninsula, you really feel like you are experiencing this on your own.

    Bushtucker and night safari in Kakadu National Park. Run by Kakadu Culture Camp (one evening $200)

    Half day Animal Tracks Safari, Kakadu National Park - a bit like the one above but normally is in the afternoon.

    1 day mystical Arnhemland Tour with Lords Safari - get to visit one of the best aboriginal places in Australia. Still relatively unspoilt, this is a must do for your trip to Darwin and Kakadu.

    Katherine River 3 day experience - paddle 50km through the river and see amazing scenery and wildlife. Gecko canoeing $720 per person.

    Bawaka cultural experiences in Arnhem land. A chance to meet the people from the East part of Arnhem land. ($300 per person)

    Tiwi Tours of Bathurst Island which involves chatting with the locals. Run by Aussie Adventure. ($450)

    Near Sydney

    Blue Mountains Walkabout tour - a great aboriginal walking experience

    Montague Island Tour - a great tour (a hidden gem too) offering aboriginal experience and plenty of stunning scenery and wildlife. Stay in old inkeepers houses near the lighthouse or just come for the day. Tour by Montague Island Tours from $130


    10 days Tasmania Naturally with AAT Kings


    1 or 2 days Fraser Island with Sunrovers - if you don't fancy the 4WD yourself, these offer good tours around Fraser.

    Alternatively you can search all tours using the search button below. These guys are good in terms of helping you organise your trip. It's also good even if you just want to find a day tour.


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