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Looking for Australia Travel Tips? Want to go to the best places in Australia and get off the tourist trail? Then read on....

This page gives you the insider knowledge. It tells you about the places that the local's don't want you to know about. Why? Because they want those places all to themselves.

Esperance, Western Australia

Esperance deserves the good press that it gets and to be on this list of Australia travel tips. It is 740km South East of Perth (9 hour drive) making it a hard to reach corner of Western Australia. If it was more accessible, it would be over run with tourists. You can do a round trip taking in Perth, the Margaret River, Albany and then Esperance. You’d need at least 10 days to do this trip.

So what is so special about Esperance? It’s the beaches. The sand is so white, it’s been described as “blinding” and the waters are that perfect turquoise colour. Lucky Bay is probably the most famous of the Bay of Isles which are the collective name for the beaches in Esperance.

It also has its own Great Ocean Drive, which is a 38km loop road taking in the major views and sites. Don’t miss Wireless Hill for views over the coast and surrounds. Cape le Grand National Park is a must visit to the East of Esperance and has some beautiful walking treks.

The Pink Lake (it appears pink at certain times of the year) is also very pretty and definitely worth a visit.

Off the coast the Recherche Archipelago features 100 or so islands, including Woody, a superb wildlife sanctuary offering overnight stays.

Given this destination is all about the beaches and it’s a fair drive from civilisation, I’d make sure your visit coincides with the summer months so you can really enjoy those beaches.

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    Bay of Fires, Tasmania

    Want another of the Australia travel tips? - visit Tasmania! It's Australia's smallest state and is often overlooked by visitors. Whilst it doesn't boast the glorious weather, it has the most impressive scenery. I'd argue it has the best in Australia.

    Whilst you have to visit the classic sites of Cradle Mountain and Wine Glass Bay, you should head to the less visited area known as Bay of Fires.

    This Australia travel tip secret boasts an incredibly beautiful coastline with beaches that are so white they will blind you.

    To make the most of the area though you really need to take part in the Bay of Fires walk. It takes about 4 days and you get to stay in the most beautiful accommodation including the Bay of Fires Lodge. The walk is around $2000 per person but well worth it. If you just want to stay in the lodge, you can do so in the "off Walking" season between 9th May and 15th September.

    The Mail Run at Broken Hill

    Wanting to see the real outback away from the tourists? This is the best of the outback Australia Travel tips. It’s not really even a tour. It’s literally the mail run than the postman does to drop vital provisions off to the locals. His round takes in some 20 homesteads right in the middle of the Australian outback.

    You get to ride in his van (a maximum of 4 passengers only) and if he’s not too busy, he’ll stop off and show you the local fauna and wildlife.

    The Bush Mail run departs from Broken Hill in NSW. You can fly here from Sydney or Adelaide with Rex or if you are up for the drive, go for it! It’s 1164km from Sydney and 508km from Adelaide. There is also a train service called the Silver City Explorer that will take in some other interesting sites along the way over 13 hours. I’d advise you to take your own food though as the offering isn’t up to much.

    Broken Hill itself is a querky outback town surrounded by desert. It's one of Australia travel tips because the town of Broken Hill as other things to keep you interested.

    It’s an old mining town and there is plenty of evidence around the place to show its mining history. It’s probably most famous for its impressive sculpture called Symposium. The area has attracted some very talented artists and there are some great galleries to browse. There’s also a couple of museums and exhibitions notably the Royal Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air. In the evening, the town boasts a huge selection of fine pubs, most serving inexpensive food.

    You should also take the 130km drive northeast out to Mutawintji National Park. You will discover some great scenery including gorges and waterholes. Take part in the aboriginal tour that will show you the great rock art and the Cultural Centre that brings to life aboriginal culture very well indeed. The tour does not operate in the summer months as its just too hot.

    Australia Travel Tips: Stay at the Imperial which is a 4 star B&B in an beautiful old building. It has a great verandah lounge and garden.

    Or Royal Exchange – an old pub. Most rooms have ensuites. This option is very central. $200 per night

    The mail run departs every Wednesday and Saturday around 7am. Cost is $120 for a full day and bookings are essential (this gets booked up quickly in peak season.) Go to or call +61 8 80872164 for more details

    If this outback experience is of interest then have a look at this website that offers some really great information on outback Australia. This page will tell you more about Broken Hill and inspire you to take part in more outback experiences.

    Sydney's Beaches - Bronte and Palm Beach

    Now I know you can’t come to Sydney without seeing Bondi Beach, but if that’s the only Sydney beach you see, you’ll have missed out.

    The walk from Bondi to Coogee is a Must Do. It takes you right along the edge of the cliffs offering wonderful views of the bays, beaches and sea. You may even see a whale during July or October.

    Behind Bronte Beach there is a great green area with free barbeque facilities. It’s also good for ball games, frisby or just lounging around. There is a lovely strip of cafes that serves great breakfasts, brunch, lunch, smoothies and coffees.

    Swell is the most expensive on the strip and is very good. Jennie’s is best for coffee and food. The Bogey Hole is also a good all rounder. You can’t really go wrong with any of them though.

    Australia Travel Tips - If you fancy getting out of the city then head to Palm Beach. There is a bus that will get you there within an hour and a half. It’s worth hiring a car though and taking the hour drive along the coast to the city’s northern beaches. You can stop off on the way and/or on your way back.

    Good stops offs include Dee Why for its beaches and cafes, Avalon for its upmarket shops and cafes, Whale Beach for its beach and fancy restaurant called Jonah’s (book here for lunch as a total indulgent treat) You can also try the Newport Arms which is signposted off the main highway just before Whale and Palm Beach. It’s a huge traditional Aussie pub with lovely views over Pittwater. A real favourites with the locals on a Sunday afternoon.

    Once at Palm Beach, you can admire the luxurious beach houses which are dotted along the route and hillsides. This is where the successful chief executives live and commute into Sydney.

    The beach itself has a very orange sand. You can’t come here and not take a look at the surf club. This is where Home and Away is filmed so you’ll see “Summer Bay Surf Club” above the door. Come in the week and you may even see them filming. You can also take a walk up to Barren Joey Lighthouse.

    Australia Travel Tips: Stay at Barrenjoey’s Guest House. This is a great place to stay if you fancy making a weekend of it. If not, have lunch here. The food is good, the atmosphere lively with glimpses of Pittwater opposite.

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