Australia Travel Packages

"Let me help you find Australia Travel Packages!"

Where do you start? Planning a trip to Australia is exciting but also tricky. How can I see all the places I want to within a short space of time and still stick to my budget?

Sometimes it would be nice for someone to give you a helping hand and give you some guidance. I hope after reading this page you will feel empowered to book your trip to Australia....

Is It Cheaper To Book Everything Together or Separately?

This is a tricky question as the correct answer is that it depends!

If you are planning to stick to the traditional Australian tourist hubs, it could be advantageous. By these I mean

  • Whitsundays Australia.
  • Great Barrier Reef Australia.
  • Australian Cities.
  • The reason that booking Australia travel packages are advantageous is:

    1) There is usually plenty of accommodation in these areas so deals are more likely

    2) These are the places that the Australians go on holiday too so package deals are more prominent

    3) If you are planning to visit a few different areas, it can be hard work booking all the internal flights, accommodation etc separately. Some would rather someone did all this for them to take away the hassle factor.

    The advantages of booking things separately are as follows:-

  • You can leave things a bit to the last minute and even pick something when you arrive once you've had chance to look at it
  • You can spend longer in a place that you like and then book the connecting flight when you are ready to
  • If you plan to do some self drive trips or areas that are a little less popular, booking the items yourself may get a better deal or give you more flexibility
  • Travel Agents are there to make money - they charge a fee. You just have to hope that the saving they can get for you more than pays for that fee.
  • Travel Agent packages can sometimes include organised tours which is either a good thing or a terrible thing depending on your disposition. Sometimes you don't need a guided tour - you can do it yourself
  • The Real Australia Travel Website should help you find out the best places to stay and what to do whilst you are here. I have even come up with a few itineraries to help make things easier. That way you can avoid the travel agents additional fee. Check out
  • Australia Itinerary travel.

  • So You've Decided You Need Some Help - Who Should You Use?

    If you have a local travel agent that you can build a rapport with and who knows Australia well, then this could be a good option to find Australia travel packages.

    My favourite is here in Australia and is called Flight CentreThese guys are a one stop shop and often have some great deals - they are more than just flights. You can also sign up for the email updates which means you are first to know about any deals that they may have going on. They are the No.1 travel agent in Australia and they know their stuff.

    I have a friend who works for Flight CentreFlight Centre and she can often beat international flights I find on the web and accommodation too. She can get me room upgrades and corporate rates too. That's when it's good to know a great travel agent.

    I'm happy to share this contact with you if you have a genuine inquiry for flights and or accommodation. (just use the form on the Contact Us. page.)

    What If You Want Something a Bit Different?

    If you are stuck or are looking for something a bit more in depth or a bit different, then I'm happy to help.

    There's more details on how I can help on the Contact Us page.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well finding Australia Travel Packages that are right for you.

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