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There really is so much to think about when planning an Australian holiday. Where do you start! Where should you go (Ayers Rock, Whitsundays, Sydney, The Great Barrier Reef..) There's plenty of information on this website to help but here are my top 10 travel info tips that I think are invaluable for anyone thinking of coming to Australia:

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Australia is a huge country. It's very hard to cover a lot of ground in a typical 3 week holiday. Plan your trip carefully and don't try to do too much. Ensure your budget includes internal flights and car hire.

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When you arrive in Australia, fill out the customs form correctly. If you've got chocolate in your suitcase, say so! If your bag is searched and you have failed to declare, it's an instant fine of $250. It's also the wasted time at the airport whilst you complete the paperwork.

They won't confiscate the chocolate but they will confiscate fruit etc. Check your flight bag for any left over airport food as this can still result in a fine.

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Find out whether your restaurant is BYO - (Bring your own wine) This will really help to keep your bill down. A lot of Australian restaurants are BYO although the more classy joints will insist on you buying their wine. There is generally a small charge for corkage if you do bring your own.

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Driving is relatively straight forward in Australia. We do drive on the left though which can take a bit of getting used to (same as the UK) City driving can be a bit more difficult with lots of one way streets and busy traffic. Unless you fancy a few day trips I wouldn't bother with a car for a city stay.

Petrol prices are still fairly reasonable compared to Europe as the tax here is not quite as high. But as per the rest of world, prices have risen over the last couple of years.

So, hiring a car is usually a good economical option

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Australia train travel is pretty non existent. It's just not how you get around Australia. The infrastructure just isn't there. Instead plan internal flights, hiring a car on camper van as the best way to get around Oz.

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Australia definitely has a winter. It can get cold, it can rain and be very windy during the months of May through to October. But, given Australia is so big, there is always somewhere you can bask in sunshine. At this time of year the top end of the country is at its best - think the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin, Broome and even the Red Centre.

Click here fore more information on australian weather.

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It goes dark fairly early here. In winter expect last light to be around 4.30pm. Even in the peak of summer, it starts to go dark by about 8pm. It was something I found quite different when we first got here.

Australia Travel Tip 8

Shopping is plentiful here in Australia. But don't expect it all to be really cheap. Clothes and books are really quite expensive. The best buys include Aboriginal art and genuine ugg boots.

Supermarket shopping is OK but quite expensive. The average Australian eats out THREE times a week as the local takeaways are pretty reasonable in comparison to supermarket food.

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SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. The coastline of Australia has some amazing beaches. The most popular are patrolled with life guards. Make sure you do swim between the flags.

The Currents can be extremely difficult to deal with and its easy to get caught in a rip. This is a cross current that takes you out to sea. Fighting the current in this situation, is near impossible which will leave you exhausted. You are best to let the rip take you out and then shout for help/swim sideways out of the rip.

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Australia Travel Info 10

WEAR SUNSCREEN! The weather in Australia gets in the late 30's and feels very hot. The sun in this part of the world is intense. It is believed that the ozone layer over Australia is damaged so the impact of the sun here is very harsh.

Follow the Australians! Wear factor 30, sunglasses and a hat whenever you are in the sun.

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