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"It is possible to find a bargain on Australia travel deals!"

It's such an expensive place to get to its no wonder that everyone is searching for Australia travel deals. It's just so far away from anywhere that when you look at the price of the flights, it's worth hunting for a good deal.

Australia itself is also getting expensive. My recent visitors from the UK have commented. This is partly due to the exchange rate but the general cost of living, accomodation, particularly in the cities, is really starting to creep up.

With that all said, it's still a great place to come and visit. So how can I help you find Australia travel deals?

Deals on Flights

Sign up to Qantas, Singapore Airways, Emirates and Malaysia Airways e-newsletters and sale alerts.

If you are traveling from the US then sign up for Qantas, United, Virgin and Delta updates.

This means you will be one of the first to know when they are having a sale. Qantas do some great sales including 2 for 1 tickets.

Use websites that compare flights so you don't have to search through each company. I'd recommend the following: - good for internal flights within Australia too - good for flights and accommodation

For more information go to air travel australia.

Australia Travel Deals on Accommodation

If you're willing to wait until the last minute (3 weeks before) then try This is where the Australians book their accommodation.

Don't rely on this method during the peak of summer as otherwise you'll be left with the more unpopular accommodation options.

Wotif do a "secret hotel" for a great price. It means you won't know what hotel it is until you've booked it but it is usually a 4 star at a really good rate. Worth considering if you are looking for a real bargain.

Consider caravan parks for cheap accommodation. I know it sounds odd but most of the caravan parks are in great locations and have cabins you can hire. It's a step up from camping but much cheaper than a hotel.

For more information go to Cheap Hotels Australia.

Australia Travel Deals through a Travel Agent

Get to know a travel agent personally. Find out one near you that knows something about Australia. They are likely to tip you off when they see a great deal going.

I have a friend who works for

This is probably the best travel agent in Australia but will work internationally. You can contact them on the internet and they will get back to you.

My friend at Flightcentre.comfinds it difficult to beat internal flights within Australia that I can find on the net (jetstar and virgin blue) but often beats my international flights and accommodation. She has got me room upgrades and corporate rates. That's what you need - someone who knows Australia well and will look out for the deals for you.

I'm happy to share my contact if you have a genuine request for help. Just fill out the contact details below and I will see what I can do!

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