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It's so exciting planning a big trip and I hope this website has been a great start for you to get some ideas of where to go. I have in fact written my own ebooks, which are a fraction of the price of the books featured below AND you can download and get them NOW.

This Australia travel book offers something different. It offers candid first hand experience of travel around Australia, giving useful hints on planning your trip, itinerary suggestions (2-7 week itineraries), city guides with accommodation ideas for every major city in Australia and 10 detailed road trips. For more info go to Real Australian Travel Books or click on the image here.

There are two on Sydney. Both contain a 7 day itinerary, accommodation ideas, restaurants, budget planning and maps.

But one is designed specifically for those on a tight budget (Sydney On A Shoe String), and the other is if you have a bit more cash to spend.

Click on the most appropriate Sydney Australia travel book to get more details on how to download them - I don't know of any other downloadable books that offer you honest, practical local knowledge.

If you still think you need a guide book then I have reviewed some of the top sellers for you. I have most of these books on my shelf at home, either ones I have bought myself or ones that visitors have left behind. Below you will find a review of what I think of each of them:

The "Best All Rounder" Australia Travel Book

The best all rounder for me is Frommers.It has pictures, a good level of detail and covers the entire country.

They have added more pictures in the latest edition and I love the "Best of" section at the front of the book that gives you details of "best mid priced accommodation" or "best place to see wildlife" "best museums" etc.

The book is split into areas and that makes for a long read deciding where in Australia you want to visit. There are however a few suggested itineraries too. But hopefully now you have found my website, you will have a much better idea as to what areas within Australia you are looking for.

BUY FROM US: Frommer's Australia 2012

BUY FROM UK - Frommers Australia 2012

Best Illustrated Australia Travel Guide

If you are someone who likes to see things visually on a page rather than lots of words, then the DK Eyewitness Australia travel book is the one for you.

It covers the entire country and has beautiful pictures of areas, museums and other key attractions as well as some easy to follow maps.

It does lack some of the detail that you get in a Frommers or a Lonely Planet. I personally find the Lonely planet guides too detailed and they certainly make it harder to plan your trip but see my other recommendations below.

It also seems to cater less well for the backpackers and budget options although they do have budget recommendations for all areas. The bulk of the restaurants and hotel recommendations do tend to be on the moderate to expensive side. But perhaps the latest 2012 has addressed this now.

The hotel and restaurant sections are all at the back of the book, which my husband found frustrating - "Why aren't they in the same section as the corresponding area you are visiting?" he would say. But that was never a concern for me.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA :DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia

BUY IN THE US: DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia

BUY IN THE UK: DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia

The Most Detailed Australia Travel Book

The Lonely Planet Guide to Australia has to be the winner on this front. As I have already said, it's pages have way too many words per page for me and not enough pictures.

But if detail is what you like then this one probably wins hands down. My only word of caution is that these books are meant for those of you who want to trek or road trip extensively.

It does have a top 25 experiences and some suggested itineraries which are very good to help you plan what you want to do.

If you are here for a 3 week holiday then the DK Eyewitness would still be my best pick - I just don't think you need the detail.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA: Lonely Planet Discover Australia 2012

BUY IN THE US: Lonely Planet Discover Australia 2012

BUY IN THE UK: Lonely Planet Australia 2011

The Best Backpacker Australia Travel Book

Whilst all the above guides offer "budget" options, I think the "Lets Go" series is THE guide for backpackers.

This book focuses almost entirely on budget accommodation and restaurants. It gives a good level of detail about each of the places to visit and offers practical advice. E.g. it tells you the size of the lockers at Adelaide bus station in case you need to pack accordingly.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA: Let's Go: Australia

BUY IN THE US: Let's Go Australia 10th Edition

BUY IN THE UK: Let's Go: Australia

The Best Regional Autralia Travel Book

If you are planning an East Coast Australia road trip then I'd definitely get this book. This is when you need the detail in case you get bored on the long drives and need to know if there is anywhere you can stop nearby for food, accommodation or a local attraction.

Yes, it still lacks photos and the pages are too word dense for me, but hey, you can't have everything!

BUY IN AUSTRALIA: Lonely Planet East Coast Australia

BUY IN THE US: Lonely Planet East Coast Australia Sept 2011

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The Best Sydney Australia Travel Book

I'd have to go for the DK Eye Witness Sydney Guide - The illustrations are fantastic in this book and it really does cover the entire city so well.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Sydney 2010

BUY IN THE US: Sydney (Eyewitness Travel Guides 2012)

BUY IN THE UK: DK Eyewitness: Sydney 2010

If you are short for time in Sydney then go for the Top 10 DK Eyewitness version as this will ensure you hit the high notes.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA: DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Sydney

BUY IN THE US: Top 10 Sydney (EYEWITNESS 2011)

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Another great option for the ultra trendy and designer types amongst you is to go for the Wallpaper Sydney Guide. This guide focuses on architecture, querky shops and the best hotels and restaurants.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA: Wallpaper* City Guide Sydney 2012

BUY IN THE US: Wallpaper* City Guide Sydney 2012

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For Something Different

The following would be a great addition to an Australia travel book:

A sunburned Country by Bill Byrson will make you laugh out loud as Bill tours Australia and introduces you to some of the star attractions including Dangerous Australian Animals , the unique place names, and the friendliness of the locals. He visits all the major landmarks including the Ayers Rock Australia and Great Barrier Reef Australia

This book is full of facts and history of Australia but told in such an easy manner, reading more like a funny novel than a history lesson. A wonderful book to read on your holiday or on the plane over here.

BUY IN AUSTRALIA: In A Sunburned Country

BUY IN THE US: In a Sunburned Country

BUY IN THE UK: In A Sunburned Country

The American Guide to Surviving Australia is a good option if you are planning either a long trip here or are thinking of emigrating to Australia. It explains the cultural differences, has a dictionary to help you translate all the Australian Slang and has hints and tips on settling in here with your family. It includes information on visas, working here and tax systems

BUY IN THE US: Americans' Survival Guide to Australia

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