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Hamilton Island Australia

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Dolphins At Monkey Mia

We are planning a trip to see the dolphins at Monkey Mia in Western Australia next week (May) Are the dolphins there all year round? What time are the

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Cairns to Brisbane

We ( Family of 5,kids are 15,13 and 8) depart Cairns 12th July heading for Brisbane. We depart Brisbane 19th July , flying to Melbourne. We arrive in Cairns

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visa requirements for us passport holders

do us citizens need a visa to travel to austrailia

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Caravan Motel - Which Is Better?

Caravan Motel? Which should you choose? What facts should you consider to make your choice?

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Walk From Watsons Bay

Walk From Watsons Bay and enjoy a fabulous foreshore coastal walk - get awesome glimpses of the city skyline, take a dip in the ocean or kick back in the cafes along route

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Australia Travel Photography Competition

If you love Australia and you love photography then check out this great competition. You need to be Australian and over 18 to enter and showcase Australia's wide and diverse range of habitats including all types of forests, grasslands, lakes and rivers, deserts and arid lands, rainforests, marine habitats and people in nature.

For more information, including entry form (via their facebook page) and full terms and conditions go to

Coast To Coast Photo Competition

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Sydney Walking Tours

Sydney Walking Tours - best tours, local guides and walks with clear instructions and pictures so you can do it yourself

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Circular Quay Area Walk

Circular Quay Area Walking Tour to Australia Darling Harbour. A wonderful self guided easy walk that takes in some awesome sites. A worthy walk as part of your trip to Sydney

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The Art Of Travel - Designer Australian Hotels

The Art Of Travel - Art, hotels and travel are starting to go hand in hand. Find out more about some wonderful hotels in Australia where you can experience a truly arty experience

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Camping Blue Mountains

Camping Blue Mountains - Discover a delightful camp ground at Mount Wilson. Come in Autumn and experience beautiful golden trees, apple picking, chestnut picking and more..

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Anzac Day In Australia

Why do Australia's commemorate Anzac Day? Should we choose another date instead?

Australian War Memorial

This may seem a controversial question but have you ever really thought about it?

Anzac day marks the day that thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers lost their lives in Gallipoli, Turkey, during the first World War in 1915.

The Turks were waiting for them and our troops didn't land in the best position. The result - Total annihilation. A total failure. A blot on the Australian history books.

Granted, I get that we should of course remember the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives during this battle. The day is also wider than just Gallipoli. We remember all the soldiers that have given their lives and those still in battle around the world today.

My question really is Should we remember the soldiers on another day? On a day where Australia was more successful? Does remembering our failings make us doubt our own capabilities? Or does it help us to plan better to avoid failure?

For those of us who have children, what do we want our children to learn about Anzac Day in Australia? Yes, we want them to understand the sacrifice that thousands of men (and Women) have made and continue to make, for us to enjoy the lifestyle and democracy we live in today. But do we want them to learn about our short comings?

Whilst the sentiment for Anzac Day is the right one, I wonder whether there is a better date, one that is more uplifting, that shows the true winning spirit of Australia and its people.

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Shopping Melbourne

Shopping Melbourne - Find out where to find the best eclectic shopping in the best shopping city in Australia. Come and find a bargain in some of the best op shops in Melbourne

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Hotels in Brisbane - New Funky hotel "The Limes"

A new funky hotel is strutting its stuff in Fortitude Valley.

This is very much a modern boutique hotel, perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy the local nightlife.

Roof Top Limes

And you won't have to go far to enjoy it either! The roof top bar and outdoor cinema are right here inside the hotel of Limes. The locals are flooding here in an evening.

So, if you fancy a designer pad for the weekend with on site nightlife, then this is sure to be a good bet.

For more info visit: Limes Hotel Brisbane

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Phillip Island Australia

Phillip Island Australia - If animals are your thing, then this is the place to come! Get up close and personal to Koalas, Penguins and Pelicans. Too touristy or worth a visit?

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Magnetic Island Australia

magnetic island australia - Where the local Aussies enjoy a tropical island feel for the whole family. Beautiful beaches, relaxation, water sports, snorkelling.

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Mudgee Australia

Thinking of Visiting Mudgee Australia - Find out from a local the best Mudgee Wineries, best hotels and great places to eat and drink

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Mornington Peninsula Accommodation

Mornington Peninsula Accommodation - Find out from a local the best places to stay along the Mornington Peninsula, from camping to 4 star luxury, you will find something for every budget here

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Cowes Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

Cowes Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. Find out from a local what to expect, whether to pay more for private viewing, when you need to get here

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Mogo Zoo

Mogo Zoo - Find out from a local why this zoo is well worth a visit. Lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys and so much more...

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The Ghan Train

The Ghan Train - What's it really like on the ghan? Is it worth the money? What are the ghan cabin's like? Find out from a local what it's really like

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