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Australia travel agents? Sometimes it's just so much easier to get someone to book everything for you.

Finding good Australia travel agents can be a bit tricky given there are so many travel agents out there. You really need one with a good knowledge of Australia rather than a general travel agent.

Whilst the intention is that you should have enough information from this site to book everything yourself, if this is a big trip of a life time, it's often nice to have the reassurance that everything has been booked by someone else before you go.

A word about how travel agents work. They basically get about 10% commission for everything that you book with them.

So, of course they want to book everything for you - including flights, hire cars and tours. The best customer for them is the one that wants everything booked.

If that's not what you want, then make sure you say!

Which Australia travel agents are the best?

If you are in the UK, Trailfinders ( is one of the most well known Australia travel agents. This is a good option if you want to play it safe. They go to the most popular destinations and have middle of the road accommodation. If you are a bit older, a bit unsure of what you want to do and see then Trailfinders is probably the place for you.

I've always used flightcentre here as one of my favourite Australia travel agents and found them to be very knowledgeable and good value for money. If you are not in Australia, they have offices now across the world including the UK and US.

If you fancy something on line, a one stop shop for flights, hotels and more, I'd go for expedia. I've found them particularly good on flights. They are value for money, have an easy to navigate website and lots of choice. Here is a link to their site

And one final recommendation for Australia Travel Agents is Harvey World Travel They often have sales and cover all of Australia.

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