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Been reading Australia Reviews? Did you see Australia the movie with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman? What did you think? The reviews have been a bit mixed but here in Australia, we are very proud of the movie. Click here to see the movie trailer:

One thing I'm sure we can all agree on is the scenery. It really did bring the outback to life and showcase just how beautiful this area can be.

Whatever you think of the Australia Reviews, perhaps you're now wondering where to go to create a similar experience.....

To see the scenery and expreience staying on a Homestead then you need to head to the outback of the Kimberleys in Western Australia. You can even have a go at a cattle drive.

If you want a more hardcore cattle drive, then you'll need to wait until 2010 and head to South Australia for the great Australian Outback Cattle Drive.

If you liked the look of the Harbour scenes and Darwin in Australia Reviews and Australia the Movie, then you could spend a couple of days exploring Darwin.

The scenes of Darwin were actually filmed in Bowen, Queensland. Darwin is a bit more built up these days where as Bowen is still a small remote town.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend going to Bowen unless you love film locations or are an Australia the Movie fanatic

How long to go for

If you want to experience the Kimberley scenery and staying on a Homestead, as featured in Australia Reviews, then you can probably do that in 3-4 days.

Getting here is pretty remote though so it depends whether you are prepared to simply fly in and fly out. If you want to do a bit more travel, you could incorporate this trip with a Gibb River Road experience. You'd probably need 8 days.

The Bungle Bungles are not too far from here and it would be a real shame not to incorporate these into your trip. Add an extra 2 days for this.

If you are really short of time then a scenic flight over the Bungles from Kununurra or a days visit should be included. (Slingair 2 hour scenic flight $330)

If you fancy Darwin and the Kimberleys it's possible but it's a 10 hour drive between the two unless you fancy flying in. You'd need to allow 7-8 days.

When to Go

You can only visit in the Dry season and I'd recommend going from May to October.

The roads can be flooded outside of these times and the weather can be awful. I really wouldn't come outside these times.

Getting There

The Kimberleys and the Homesteads are about a 2 hour drive from Kununurra.

The Bungle Bungles are about a 5 hour drive from Kununurra but in the opposite direction. It's too far to go there and back in a day

You can fly from Perth or Melbourne to Kununurra with Virgin Blue and Qantas.

Also see Air North who will fly you from Kununurra to Broome. They may even fly you directly to the Homestead.

You can drive from Darwin (12 hours) or complete the Gibb River Road (start at Broome) which will take you about 8 days of adventure and sightseeing.

Getting Around

You'll need a 4WD to get from Kununurra to the Kimberleys. The roads are unsealed and uneven. The roads are also unsealed on the approach to the Bungle Bungles.

The Homesteads themselves are huge so you'll need something to drive yourself around those too!

There are plenty of Kimberley tours though if you would rather somebody else did the driving. See Australian tours

Did you see Oprah visit Australia? Are you looking to visit the same places that her and her audience guests got to see? Click here for more information on Oprah Australia

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What to do and See to experience Australia Reviews and the Movie


Staying at either Home Valley Station or El Questro Station, you can really get to see the stunning scenery of the Cockburn Ranges. These were the main ranges featured in

Australia Reviews of the Movie Much of the scenery was filmed inside Home Valley. They have even named a water crossing after her - "The Kidman Crossing" from a scene in the movie.

Inside the Stations there are plenty of things to do:

Walks, fishing, canoeing, gorges and rivers and even cattle mustering

You can also take a flight over the "Faraway Downs" Homestead where Nicole Kidman's character stayed in the Movie. Unfortunately it's privately owned so you can't stay here.


on the south side of the park, the Cathedral Walk is the most well known and takes in an ampitheatre with brilliant acoustics.

The Picanninny Creek Walk is an overnight hike but the first hour of the hike is well worth it to reach the lookout at sunset. If you have more time I’d recommend walking a little way along the Creek Walk and then turning around when you’ve had enough – the scenery is immense although the terrain can be hard going in places.

On the North Side of the Park, I’d recommend the Echidna Chasm Walk which is only about an hours walk and has you ducking under bolders, climbing and squeezing through them – the walk is fairly easy.

Where to Stay

There are two places you can stay in the Kimberleys to experience life on a homestead as mentioned in Australia reviews and the Movie.

  • Home Valley Station
  • Voyages El Questro Resort. Most expensive is the El Questro Homestead
  • Prices range from £50 to $450 depending on what type of accommodation you are after.

    El Questro is the more well known of the two and is very much designed for the tourist with lots to do and see. It is certainly the most well known of the two.

    Home Valley is probably a bit more authentic and less touristy. It just depends what you like.


    Accommodation is camping or you can stay in ready erect tents with beds and bathroom facilities at Bungle Bungle Bush camp near the airstrip run by East kimberley tours.

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