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"Photograph the Australian Landscape!"

Looking for some Australia Photography Travel? This page aims to tell you where to experience the best Australian landscapes to capture some awesome photos.

The Australian landscapes are diverse and as such are a photographer's dream. From mountains and lakes in Tasmania, to the rugged and harsh climate of the Red Centre, there is something to please every budding photographer. If you want to improve your skills then consider a tour. (see details below)

Best Places to Capture Great Photos in Australia

If you are happy to go it alone with your camera then here are the places you should head to:

There really are too many to choose from but here are my top picks:

1) Tasmania

This is a good place to capture the Australian landscape in terms of coastlines, rivers and mountains. Top destinations for Australia photography would include

  • Wine Glass Bay in Freycinet National Park
  • - for the picture perfect Bay

  • Cradle Mountain Tasmania. For mountains, rivers and streams

  • Bay of Fires - for beautiful pristine beaches
  • For more information on these areas click on Tasmania Tourism.

    2) The Red Centre

    The infamous Ayers Rock changes colours depending on the time of day and the weather. Capturing this on camera is breathtaking

    Go to Ayers Rock Australia for full details.

    3) City Architecture

    The Sydney Opera House in Sydney is another must for any budding photographer. The angles, colours and back drop of the Harbour Bridge, can keep you entertained for simply hours. Travel Sydney Australia.

    That said, Melbourne also offers some interesting contrasts between old and new buildings, the many dark alleys and lanes, street art etc are a really interesting canvas. Visit Melbourne Australia for more info.

    4) Kakadu National Park

    The rock formations and wildlife in this area makes this a wonderful destination for Australia photography travel. It's a chance to be at one with nature as well as capturing some interesting aboriginal rock art.


    5) The Kimberleys, Western Australia

    This is another great place for Australia photography travel as it is probably the most unspoiled area in all of Australia. Think "Australia" the movie with beautiful red rock formations, amazing gorges, homesteads, cattle and unsealed red roads.

    Visit Australia Reviews and Western Australia Travel.

    Courses for Australia Photography Travel

    If you want to improve your photography skills and have a holiday, then a course/photography holiday could be a really good option.

    There are plenty of operators out there and you can expect to pay anything from $200 for a 3 hour course up to $3000+ for a 10 day adventure.

    Here are a couple of my suggestions if you fancy this type of Australia photography travel:

    1) Photograph Tasmania will give you a days tour/course for approx $400 or a 5 day version for approx $3000 around Cradle Mountain

    2) Focus 10 will take you to the Bay of Fires and Freycinet National Park for approx $2000 for 6 days

    3) River Deep Mountain High have a 9 day tour to the Bungle Bungles and the Kimberleys. It's not cheap though at $9000!

    4) Red Dirt Photography will do a tour of the Gibb River Road. for approx $5,000 for 9 days

    5)Focus 10 will do a Australia photographic travel tour of Kakadu. Cost is approx $3000 for 7 days.

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