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"Australia New Zealand travel - Combine the two and enjoy the contrast!"

Australia is just so far from everywhere else that making the trip over here is a big deal. Asia is between 8 and 14 hours away, depending on what country you are heading to or from. So, it's no wonder that many travellers choose to combine a trip with Australia and New Zealand.

And why not! Whilst they both speak the same language, the accents are very different. Call a Kiwi an Aussie (and vice versa and wait for the abuse to follow!)

The scenery in NZ is quite simply breath taking. NZ is a manageable size which makes touring a real pleasure. Contrast that with the vibrancy, cities, beaches and sunshine of Australia and you have yourself one heck of a holiday! Australia New Zealand Travel - a really great idea.

Australia New Zealand Travel - Getting Between The Two Countries

The Tasman sea separates the two countries, known to the locals as "the ditch" and a 3 hour flight from the East coast of Australia, will have you landing in beautiful New Zealand.

There are plenty of airlines to choose from:-

  • Air New Zealand
  • Emirates
  • Qantas
  • And these tend to be the cheapest:

  • Pacific Blue
  • Jet Star
  • But if you do intend to do Australia New Zealand Travel then your cheapest option may be to include this in your overall international flights.

    E.g. Flying from Europe on Emirates with an additional stop off in New Zealand might work out cheaper than flights to and from Australia and an added on Jet Star flight to and from NZ. This may be true for those flying from the US with Qantas too. Certainly something to look into

    When Is The Best Time To Do Australia New Zealand Travel?

    You can do this trip at any time but it depends what you want to do

    In Season: (Summer months between November and February)

    This is when the weather is hot. So, this trip means you can do everything with the exception of winter sports e.g. skiing. See the itinerary section below for some suggestions.

    Out of Season: (Winter months between March and October)

    Whilst parts of Australia are still hot (Barrier Reef, the Outback and the top end of Australia e.g. Darwin and Broome), New Zealand is cold. But the southern Island is beautiful at this time of year and is a destination for Kiwis and Aussies who head to Queenstown for the snow. This is a great way to combine sun and snow into one holiday.

    Itinerary Ideas for Australia New Zealand Travel

    It's hard to determine how long you should spend in each country but you need at least a 3 week holiday to be able to do both.

    My council would be to spend 2 weeks in one country and a week in the other.

    If this is your first time to this area, I'd spend 2 weeks in Australia and 1 week in New Zealand. Why? Australia is bigger, there's more to see. You can cover some good ground in a one week holiday to New Zealand

    BUT, if scenery and the snow is more your thing, then spend 2 weeks in New Zealand and then pick somewhere in Australia you can do well in a week e.g. Travel Sydney Australia and surrounding area or Great Barrier Reef Australia and Whitsundays Australia

    Also try to get some contrast between the two trips for your Australia New Zealand Travel adventure. New Zealand lends itself nicely to hiring a campervan and touring the two islands. It might feel like you've done nothing but drive if you did an East Coast Australia Road Trip as well. Instead, spend some time in the cities, chill out on the beaches and take a rest from the driving.

    My Top 10 Things To Do In New Zealand For Your Australia New Zealand Travel

    Here are my must do items for you to pick and choose from depending on your preference. If you have less time, I'd perhaps start in Auckland and then fly down to the south island. There are plenty of things to choose from on your Australia New Zealand travel experience

    1) Visit Auckland - Whilst it's no where near as big as any of the Australian cities, it has real charm. The viaduct harbour has lovely restaurants and bars. Some of the suburbs like Parnell are great to get more of a feel for the real Auckland too

    2) Waihiki Island - This is not far from Auckland and you get here by passenger ferry or vehicle ferry. We enjoyed a couple of days here. The beaches and coves are delightful but if you are short of time you could enjoy a day here.

    3) Rotorua - This is a great place to come to experience maori culture (the first settlers in New Zealand) as well as geysers, mud pools and thermal spas. Be warned though, the eggy smell is rather interesting but you do get used to it after a while.

    4) Wellington - Another city at the bottom of the north island. It's has a great strip of restaurants and bars, the Te Papa Museum is contemporary and really interesting. Don't miss the cable car trip up the hill to view the city and suburbs from up high.

    The Southern Island

    You can catch a boat between the two islands but be warned - it's a rocky trip that can get you feeling very sea sick. Or, flying between the cities is not too expensive either.

    5) Christchurch - It reminded me slightly of visiting Oxford in the UK. Whilst it was much smaller than I had thought, we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and stunning mountain back drop. It's a great place to see lots of wildlife too - on a nature cruise we saw dolphins and cute penguins.

    6) Malborough Wine Region - This area is so beautiful and the wines are amazing - if you like Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc of course.

    7) Mount Cook - Probably the most stunning of moutains in New Zealand. Clearly its most impressive in the winter and you can do some pretty interesting guided glacial walks (usually involving a helicopter ride in) which was a fantastic experience

    8) Milford Sound - Whilst the place itself has become a bit touristy now, the walk that you can do to here is said to be outstanding. This is for the hard core though and is 53km long through moutains and valleys. Still, you have to visit Milford Sound and do the obligatory boat ride. The scenery is lovely, the waterfalls lush. We flew from lake Wanaka into Milford Sound and loved the experience.

    9) Lake Wanaka By far my favourite place in New Zealand. We stayed here for a 10 day skiing holiday. It's much quieter than Queenstown but it is absolutely beautiful. It's hardly party central though. A great place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

    10) Queenstown This is the place to come for skiing and hard core adventure sports in New Zealand. You almost feel compelled to do a bungy jump here! I chickened out but did do a sky dive off the side of a mountain. It's just that sort of place! The town itself is full of young people and there's plenty going on.

    Some Suggested Itineraries For Australia New Zealand Travel

    There are plenty of options for your Australia New Zealand Travel experience but here are a few suggestions

    Itinerary 1 - Summer Months, Focus on Australia

    2 weeks in Australia:

  • 3 days Travel Sydney Australia
  • 4 days Noosa Australia - enjoy beach living
  • 3 days Ayers Rock Australia and Alice Springs
  • 2 days Melbourne Australia including day trip to Great Ocean Drive
  • 1 week in New Zealand

  • 4 days Auckland - inlcude day trip to Rotorua and day trip to Waihiki Island
  • 3 days Christchurch including Marlbourough Wine Region
  • Itinerary 2 - Summer Months, Focus on New Zealand

  • 2 days Auckland
  • 1 day Waihiki Island
  • 1 day Rotorua
  • 2 days Wellington
  • 2 days Christchurch
  • 2 days Marlbourough Region
  • 1 day Mount Cook
  • 1 day Milford Sound
  • 2 days Queenstown with visit to Lake Wanaka
  • One Week in Australia

  • 3 days Travel Sydney Australia
  • 4 days in Noosa Australia or 3 days in Ayers Rock and one day in Melbourne Australia
  • Itinerary 3 - Winter Months, Focus on Australia

  • 4 days Great Barrier Reef Australia (around Cairns)
  • 5 days Whitsundays Australia
  • 3 days Travel Sydney Australia
  • 2 days Ayers Rock Australia
  • 1 week New Zealand

  • 7 days around Queenstown or Lake Wanaka skiing with day trips to Milford Sound and Mount Cook
  • Itinerary 4 - Winter Months, Focus on New Zealand

    2 weeks in New Zealand

  • 7 days around Queenstown or Lake Wanaka skiing with day trips to Milford Sound and Mount Cook
  • 2nd week road trip via Malborough, Christchurch, then flight to Wellington and work your way up the north island to Auckland via Rotorua and Waihiki Island
  • One Week in Australia

  • 4 days Great Barrier Reef Australia (around Cairns)
  • 3 days Travel Sydney Australia

    Whatever you do, you'll be sure to enjoy an Australia New Zealand Travel experience.

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