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"Australia Culture - A melting pot for what has become a vibrant multi-cultural nation"

I love Australia and feel very privileged to be a permanent resident here. So what makes this continent so unique? What makes it such an awesome place to live, that so many people from around the world flock to visit or want to live here permanently?

It's hard to summarise but it has a lot to do with its love for the great outdoors, its beach and surf culture, its multicultural vibe, it's laid back attitudes, its affection for the under dog and of course its indigenous Australian Culture.

Read on for more information on each of these areas and more.....

Indigenous Australia Culture

The back bone of Australia Culture - the Aboriginal Culture is absolutely fascinating.

For years, the Aborigines have been poorly treated in Australia but there is now a real acknowledgement of the importance of their beliefs and culture to Australia. So much so that every school child is taught extensively about the aborigines to ensure future generations have the right level of respect for the aborignes.

Today there is a broad spectrum of traditional aboriginal life to fully "European" life. You still have traditional tribes living off the land, fulfilling their rituals but they may hunt with spears and rifles and may even have a car. Then there is the other side of the spectrum where aborigines live a totally western European lifestyle. In the middle you have those who may shop at the local stores but live in big aboriginal communities and honour their many ceremonies and rituals.

Have a look on these pages to find out more about their traditional way of life:

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  • - An overview of some of the Aboriginal history and where in Australia to experience Aboriginal culture.

  • Bush Tucker
  • - Find out more about the fruits, nuts and spices that the aborigines used when living off the land

  • Australian Aboriginal Food
  • - An overview of how traditional aborigines cooked, hunted and lived.

  • Culture of Australian Aborigines
  • - A more extensive look at their beliefs, values, religion and recreation.

    Colonial Times - Mateship

    The colonisation of Australia by Great Britain has left quite a few English cultural traits in Australia. Its democratic and fair approach to life is reflected in the Westminster approach to government (MP's have to be elected by the people) as well as its judiciary process with the important "innocent until proven guilty" rule.

    Mateship is perhaps one of my favourite aspects of Australia Culture - It stems back to Colonial times of hardship when the convicts were brought over from England. Sharing such an experience with someone meant you relied on each other and formed a bond, much closer than just friends. Today you will here the phrase "G'day Mate" all over Australia.

    Australian Slang and Language

    The British Language is certainly the most prominent language here in the Australia culture but it has its own special dialect and slang.

    Irish, colonial and Aboriginal words and phrases are still very much part of the Aussie language and you'll find many words shortened e.g. "Barbie" for BBQ or "Arvo" for Afternoon

    Have a look here for some great Australian slang and Australian sayings.

    The Great Outdoors - Australian Beach Culture

    Did you know that over 80% of Australians live within 50 km of the coast? Is it any wonder that beach life is such an integral part of Australia culture?

    The weather, on the whole, also lends itself to the great outdoors. I can only tell you how busy Bondi Beach is at 6am on a Monday morning - you would seriously think it was the middle of the day on a weekend! Australians love to be outdoors and are fitness fanatics!

    The Surf Culture is a very important aspect of beach life. The coastlines offer some of the best surfing conditions. Check out my Australian Beaches page for some of the best beaches in Australia and my Famous Australian Beaches page features some surf beaches.

    Under the water is a whole new beautiful world. If you love diving or fancy learning to dive then check out the below two pages for more inspiration:

    Deep Sea Divers - Learning to Dive

    Scuba Diving Australia - Details of great dive sites around Australia

    Australian Traditions

    There's plenty of traditions worthy of note within the Australia culture, many of which are bespoke to Australia, with some imported from the "mothership" (Britain)

    Christmas and Easter still remain key times of year, with a special focus on Christmas as this is the start of the long Australian Summer holiday when the kids are off school.

    Find out more about the Christmas traditions and how to spend Christmas in Australia

    Other special days are ANZAC Day and Australia Day Both are significant but which is more important? What do you think? Click here for more information on these key dates Australian Traditions or go to Australian Symbols for some of the key symbols associated with Australia.

    Australian Popular Culture

    Australia is proud of its popular culture.

    Kylie Minogue is certainly an icon in the world of pop, as is the band INXS,, and Natalie Imbruglia. These artists have gone on to have international success around the globe.

    See Australian Popular Culture page for more Australian bands and musicians

    Famous Australians

    Pop culture is not the only area that Australia excels and there are plenty of famous Australians, spanning across Australian arts and culture - including the theatre, arts and films.

    Some key names include Nicole Kidman, Russel Crowe, Kate Blanchett, Dave Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) to name but a few.

    Famous Australians - for a list of actors and sports stars and more...

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