Australia Adventure Travel

"Adrenaline rushes and more!"

There are heaps of Australia adventure travel experiences waiting for you here down under! Whatever it is you fancy doing, you'll find it here.

The Australians are known for being laid back and up for just about anything so you're sure to find something great to keep you entertained.

This page will give you my top 10 Australia adventure travel experiences. Some are high on the adrenaline rush where as others offer adventure in a more low key manner.

1) Australia Adventure Travel - THE SNOW

Believe it or not, you can actually ski or snowboard in Australia!

The ski fields are between Sydney and Melbourne (about 2 hours from Canberra) and only have snow on them during the winter months of June to August - you may be lucky and get snow slightly earlier or later.

There are two main resorts - Perisher Blue or Thredbo. Both are fairly small snow fields compared to Europe or North America. It's certainly not THE best place to ski in the world!

But, if you are here over Winter and fancy a contrast to say the sunshine of the Great Barrier Reef or the islands of the Whitsundays, then a week at the Australian snow fields could be just the ticket.

A couple of things to note:

1) Skiing in New Zealand's Queenstown area is much better. It can even work out cheaper despite the additional air fare - something to check out at least.

2) Accommodation is fairly limited at the resorts. Most people hire a car and find accommodation away from the ski fields and then drive in every day. The resort and their facilities tends to be fairly minimal compared to Europe or North America.

2) Australia Adventure Travel - SKY DIVING

With some of the most stunning coastlines in the world, why not pick Australia to do a dare devil sky dive??

I have to say - I couldn't do it now (too old!) but it's something I wish I had done.

The best company in Australia is called

The great thing about them is their safety record and the fact they have some great locations right across the East Coast of Australia. You can choose from cairns, mission beach or Byron Bay. All three locations are great but Mission beach and Byron are probably the most stunning.

The prices are "reasonable" but you get stung as soon as you want the dvd etc - and if you're only going to do it once then you probably should get the dvd!

3) Australia Adventure Travel - DIVING

If you've never had a go at diving then now is the time to try!

You can either do an introductory dive - maybe on the great barrier reef. Here you get taught a few basics and then get to have a go.

Or you can do the whole course (usually about 3-4 days) and get your PADI. It's pretty reasonable to do it here in Australia and of course the diving that you have to do to get your PADI is pretty awesome too.

For more information check out Deep Sea Divers. or here for the best dive sites in Australia scuba diving Australia.

Or how about diving with whale sharks? This is a great opportunity in Western Australia between April and July. Find out more at Ningaloo Reef.

4) Australia Adventure Travel - SWIM WITH DOLPHINS OR TURTLES

There are some awesome experiences to be had with an array of wildlife but this is probably the best.

Swimming with dolphins or turtles is an experience not to be forgotten. There's plenty of places you can do this but here are my favourites:

In Western Australia you can head to monkey-mia. and experience dolphins coming up to the shore line. There are also plenty of trips out to sea where you can swim with them. Have a look on this page for more ideas Western Australia Travel.

If you're planning on sticking to the East Coast, then I'd try Byron Bay for turtle watching This page will tell you more about East Coast Australia and it features Byron Bay.

5) Australia Adventure Travel - GIBB RIVER ROAD

This has to be one of the most adventurous road trips in Australia. It's rugged, it's the outback and the scenery is beautiful.

Find out more about this amazing road trip - but this is not for the faint hearted.

Gibb River Road.

For those with a sense of adventure but don't fancy the remoteness of the Gibb River Road, try a road trip down the East Coast

East Coast Australia Road Trip or Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip.

6) Australia Adventure Travel - FRASER ISLAND 4 WHEEL DRIVE EXPERIENCE

Probably my most memorable weekend away so far. This is an island made entirely of sand so you have to hire a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

We had great fun and even camped under the stars right on the beach. Organised tours are available if you don't fancy the driving.

More details here: Fraser Island Australia.

7) Australia Adventure Travel - WALKING TRAILS

You don't need to have an adrenaline rush to have an adventure. Australia is so untouched in places that you feel like you are experiencing real beauty and seclusion.

There are many great Australian National Parks all with fantastic walking trails.

There are perhaps two that stand out for me though:

1)Tasmania Tourism. Here you can experience the Bay of Fires Walk or the Cradle Mountain tasmania.

These are both for the serious walker

2) Another good option is just outside Melbourne where you can walk the Great Ocean Drive. There are more details on this page.

8) Australia Adventure Travel - JET BOAT SYDNEY

This is the jet boat that swings you around and gets you VERY wet. It's on Sydney harbour on circular quay most days and is lots of fun.

I have to say though, I was ready to get off. I ended up feeling rather sea sick and drenched!

More details at

9) Australia Adventure travel - SYDNEY BRIDGE CLIMB OR TOWER WALK

It's no easy task climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge and the views from up there are stunning. bridgeclimb.

An alternative is the new Sydney skywalk experience is an adrenaline rush. You get to stand high over the skyscrapers on a ledge!!

10) Australia Adenture travel - THE RED CENTRE

Whilst Ayers Rock is well and truly on the tourist circuit, there is a real sense of adventure here.

I'd recommend a self drive option from Alice Springs. It's not far but will give you a slice of the outback and a realisation of the size of Australia.

Find out more at Ayers Rock Australia.

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