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"Aussie Food - Throw another shrimp on the Barbie Bruce!!"

Whilst the traditions of the Aborigines live on in some communities, Australia has well and truly embraced its multi-cultural roots and is now a feast of culinary delights.

Granted there are still some traditional British dishes from the first settlers but now with the influx of other European countries and particularly Asian immigrants, there is now a fusion between Eastern and Western Foods.

This page highlights some of the traditional dishes and food products that the Aussie's love. It also gives you some links to recipe ideas to recreate that perfect Aussie meal - inlcuding the infamous Aussie BBQ ( Australian Food Recipes)

Traditional Australian Cuisine

Here are a few aussie food dishes that you will certainly experience in Australia and are often cooked in Australian homes:

British Origins

  • Traditional Roast Turkey Dinner for Christmas lunch - Granted it is usually very hot for turkey but many families still stick to the tradition. There is also a further tradition of "Christmas in July" when the weather is colder in most parts of Australia where the turkey dinner is traditionally served too. For more information check out Christmas in Australia
  • Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding - another dish served in many homes. Yorkshire puddings are like a savoury pancake mix that are put into a hot oven and they then rise - delicious with heaps of gravy and roast potatoes!
  • Snags and Mash or Sausage and Mash - another English meal that has become part of the Aussie food hall of fame - Snags are their slang for sausages and the staple food cooked on the Barbie.
  • Fish and Chips and Meat Pies - you'll see plenty of fish and chip shops around the country and the abundance of white fresh fish makes this a classic choice. Doyles fish and chip shops in Sydney for example are world famous and worth trying if you are in town
  • Asian Influence

    You'll notice plenty of Thai restaurants in Australia - more so than any other cuisine type. Chinese is available but not as popular as Thai.

    There are plenty of restaurants that combine Australian meats like wagyu beef with Thai flavours and many of the recipes recreated by the Aussies combine these delicious flavours e.g. prawns in green curry sauce or infused in kaffir lime leaves


    There is an abundance of great fish in Australia. It's still reasonably expensive but everything tends to be bigger than what you would find in Europe.

  • Oysters are a particular delicacy and can be shook, marinated or cooked "kilpatrick" style with bacon and worcestershire sauce - delicious!
  • Barramundi and Snapper are two types of fish that are very popular in Australia and you'll find these at most fish shops and on every restaurant menu.Barramundi is probably the most famous and is a cod type fish with a meaty white flesh.
  • King Prawns/Shrimps - Served as an alternative to a traditional hot Christmas lunch and thrown on many a BBQ too. These always seem so much bigger than anything I could get at home in the UK and taste fabulous!
  • Moreton Bay Bugs, Lobster tails - These are a real delicacy and something you should try if you are here. You can ask the fishmonger to cut them in half for you so there is no preparation required when you get home. They are full of delicious white meat and are good just on there own dipped in a Cocktail sauce or lime and chilli dressing.
  • For Recipe Ideas go to Australian Food Recipes

    Aussie Food Ingredients

    There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in Australia and traditonal markets happen in most reasonably sized towns. Sydney for example has a regular growers market on a monthly basis where local farmers sell their fresh produce.

    You'll notice lots of Asian greens as well as more traditional products like artichokes, peaches, mangoes, avocado and strawberries and some more exotic fruits too including Passionfruit

    The more popular ingredients that the Aussies seem to adore are beetroot - you'll be amazed at the number of dishes that contain beetroot and a sandwich nearly always has beetroot in it. Pumpkin is another vegetable used extensively in salads, rissottos and more. Watermelon is often served as a light refreshment in many homes and is a great thirst quencher in the heat too.

    For Recipe Ideas go to Australian Food Recipes

    The Traditional Aussie BBQ

    Firstly there are some rules when it comes to an Aussie food BBQ:

  • This is seen as the MAN'S domain - at a BBQ you'll quickly notice the ladies sat round chatting whilst the men all stand round the BBQ, Beer in hand
  • The size and calibre of your BBQ has a direct link with the size of your manhood - it's like a car in that respect - seriously, you wouldn't believe the sizes these BBQ's come in and how the guys can chat for hours about them!
  • Usual etiquette for attending a BBQ is to ask the host whether you need to bring your own meat or just a bottle of something
  • Adequately cleaning and heating your BBQ is a critical step in successful BBQing. BBQ lid down for at least 10 minutes is essential
  • Cooking the meat through properly and not burning the outside of the meat is a real skill and is the hall mark of a successful BBQ. Try cooking on a lower heat for longer to achieve these results

    The traditional Aussie food is as follows:

  • Snags (AKA Sausages) - usually served in bread buns as a hot dog with mustard and tomato sauce
  • Beef Steak or Burgers - served with a selection of salads and bread rolls
  • Chook (AKA Chicken) - this can be a whole chook or fillets
  • Fish - usually best wrapped in foil with a little olive oil, herbs and white wine
  • Shell fish - e.g. Prawns, Moreton bugs, lobster tails - these are usually already cooked but can be nice heated up or marinated first and then thrown on the Barbie
  • For Recipe Ideas go to Australian Food Recipes

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