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"Find domestic cheap flights to cover more ground"

Air travel in Australia is the quickest and easiest way to cover great distances and travel Australia. If you are here on holiday and want to see several different areas, I recommend combining your travel around Australia by air with a hire car.

Which airlines to choose?

Qantas is the main airline that covers the whole country for air travel in Australia . They have regular sales and are the only airline to fly to Ayers Rock and other more remote/regional towns. They also do some good package deals where you can combine a hotel with flights.

Jetstar is the cheap flight arm of Qantas and offers no frills flights to popular destinations throughout the country. Be careful with baggage weight as going over could incur hefty additional costs at check in. Booking in advance gets you the cheapest fares. Also double check when booking Melbourne flights as there are two airports - one of which is miles out from the city. You need Tullamarine Airport

Virgin Blue now called Virgin Australia is another budget airline offering similar routes to Jetstar. They also have a "Happy Hour" sale every day 12-1pm (Standard Eastern Australian time)but usually booking in advance gets you the cheapest fares. Again, watch out for baggage allowances for your air travel Australia. compares prices for you but I still prefer to book directly with whichever airline comes up with the cheapest flight.

There are also a couple of smaller regional operators like Rex and Skywest who are good for short journeys within a specific region.

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Also consider a stop off on your way to or from Australia. This is a great way to make the most of your air fare. Or why not combine with a trip to New Zealand. For more ideas on destinations click here for travel from Australia

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