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Air travel Australia is easy as there are a variety of airlines that fly to Australia. The flight time is approx 23 hours from Europe, depending on your departure point and 15 hours from the US.

Given the flying times, there is generally a stop off for flights to Europe to refuel. It means you get off the flight for an hour or two and then get back on again.

Or, you can choose to break up your journey and spend a couple of days exploring at your stop off destination. Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong are great destinations with lots to do.

Finding Cheap Flights

Unfortunately given the distance for air travel Australia, airfares are expensive. But there are ways to find cheap flights. Here are a few ideas to keep the price as low as possible:

Try to compare flights from a variety of websites claiming to offer cheap flights

If you have the flexibility to book last minute flights or last minute deals for air travel Australia, then you can try to see if you can get a bargain. This is easier if there are only 2 of you. If you are planning to come in peak season (December or January) then don't go for this option as there will be zero availability and flights will end up costing you a lot more.

Booking early can be the best way to get cheap flights for air travel Australia, particularly with reputable airlines like Qantas, BA, Emirates etc. It makes holiday planning so much easier having the security that everything is booked. You are also more likely to get the best flight times and connections.

Air Asia is a budget airline offering no frills cheap air travel Australia via Kuala Lumpa from London. This has to be the cheapest of all the airfares and one that you should book in advance to get the best price. Expect to pay for everything when you are on the flight and a very basic service for those prices! If you are on a tight budget, this is the best airline to choose.

If you are a student then definitely look at getting an International student card. This will give you access to cheaper flights and much more. Click here for more details on how to get an STA student travel card

Choosing an Airline

For air travel Australia I would check out the following reputable carriers for their airfares:

From Europe:

Qantas is the Australia's airline and flys from Frankfurt and London, usually via Asia. This is a popular airline with Australians due to its frequent flyer programme

Emirates is an excellent choice if you are traveling from Europe as they fly from a large variety of cities in the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzterland and Russia. Friends who travel regularly back to Europe really rate this airline for its inflight entertainment and friendly staff. They have slightly more leg room than on Qantas. All flights go via Dubai

Another good one to try isEtihad. They have an excellent reputation for their inflight services and leg room, go to a variety of european cities with a stop off at Abu Dhabi, and tend to be cheaper than Emirates and Qantas.

For cheap flights check out Singapore Airlines who seem to be the cheapest of the bunch (but not as cheap as Air Asia) and fly to a variety of European cities.

Cathay Pacific also has a great reputation and is good option if you fancy checking out Hong Kong for a few days.

From the US

It is unlikely that you will need a fuel stop so flights are direct.

Currently there is only United or Qantas flying to Australia. Flights are from LA

As of May 2009, Virgin Australia and Delta Airlines will be starting a service to Australia from New York and other US cities. This increased competition should do wonders for airfares and cheap flights. Keep an eye out for special introductory offers.

REAL air travel Australia Tips

Before you book your air travel to Australia here are my TOP TIPS:

1. If traveling from Europe, check how long you will have to wait in the airport at your stop off destination

Cheap flights usually have the worst connections leaving you pacing the airport for 5 hours or more. If you travel from Europe you do have to literally get off the plane. Trust me when I say, you'll wish you'd paid the extra $200 for a 2 hour connection time. The journey from Europe in one go is bad enough without the added waiting time at your stop off airport.

2. Booking early, in my opinion, is the best way to get cheap flights

3. Register with a couple of the above airlines so that they send you regular emails. Most of the emails you can delete but you are looking out for the special sales that they all tend to do. I would expect to see more of this type of activity given the economic climate, and they can offer some great reductions.

4. Aim to get a flight that arrives into Australia in the evening. Most flights arrive at 6am which means you might not be able to check into your hotel and you have the painful job of trying to stay awake all day to minimise your jet lag. Qantas do some flights that get in during the evening. They are the most popular so you need to book well in advance.

5. Breaking up the flight with a stop off (if traveling from Europe) is advantageous to getting over the jet lag quicker. It doesn't seem to cost any more to do this either.

6. If you book with Qantas or one of their "one world partners" (British Airways, Cathay Pacific) you may be able to tag on a couple of internal Australian flights for not much more money. This could be a great way of saving money for Travel around Australia

Travel From Australia

From Australia travel is mainly to the following destinations due to their "close" proximity:-

New Zealand (3 hour flight) - fabulous views, wineries, quaint towns and more

Fiji (4 hour flight) - a Classic beach island getaway

Bali (3 hour flight from Perth) - Indonesian beach island getaway

Asia (Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong approx. 9 hour flight) - shopping, culture and food to name just a few.

Many people take advantage of combining air travel australia with a visit to New Zealand. Qantas and Air New Zealand are the most popular airlines. Freedom air is the low cost budget arm of Air New Zealand operating out of Auckland and do offer cheap flights to and from Australia.

Asia is an excellent stop off to break up the journey if traveling from Europe.

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