Adelaide Botanic Gardens

"Adelaide Botanic Gardens - Come see this oasis in the heart of the city"

A beautiful set of gardens just off North Terrace, in the heart of the city - this is a must see for any budding gardeners out there, or anyone who needs some serene scenery!

The gardens themselves are extensive, covering 125 acres with a real mix of plants and styles. You could spend a day in here if you so wished.

The Botanic Park next door (which is also next door to Adelaide Zoo) is also a lovely space. A great place to bring a picnic if you fancy.

What To See And Do

It really depends on what you are into as to which bits of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens you choose to visit.

The visitor centre and the map they provide is a good way to start off. They will also let you know of anything specific that is happening in the park.

For those perhaps visiting during the school holidays with kids, they often put some fun activities on that might be worth looking into.

Opening times vary depending on the time of year. They usually close the park before it goes dark. So the park closes around 5.30pm in winter and 6.30/7pm in summer. It opens early around 7.30am throughout the year

Free guided tours depart from the Visitor Information Centre at Schomburgk Pavilion at 10.30am daily (except Christmas and Good Friday). This is a great way to get to know the park in more detail.

The good news is that Entry is free apart from if you go into the Bicentenary Conservatory - which is definitely worth visiting. The structure is impressive in itself although the locals do refer to it as the big pasty due to its shape! Inside you will find a beautiful array of endangered plants from North Australia, Papua New Guinea and more.

The Palm House (pictured above) is another lovely structure worth admiring from the inside and outside - it is very Victorian in design.

The Rose Gardens show over 500 different roses and are very impressive.

The Health Garden is also really interesting showing an array of healing plants as alternatives to Western Medicine.

The Australian Native Plants Garden is great for locals and overseas visitors. It will inspire the locals on what to plant (all work with minimum rain) and the overseas visitors will get to see some new plants and species.

The Amazon Waterlilly Pavillion is another lovely Victorian structure with an amazing pond outside

There really is so much to see here - you'll be spoiled for choice!

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