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Really Useful Travel Tips, August 2009
August 14, 2009
Dear Traveller

Welcome to the August Edition of the

Really Useful Travel Tips Ezine.

This month's edition focuses on Australian Animals. But as usual there are travel tips and useful updates.

This Months Travel Tips

Picking the right Plane Seat

These days you can check in on-line and pick your seat before you get to the airport. I'd highly recommend this as the queue at the airport is usually much smaller.

Picking the best seat depends on your requirements:

  • Legroom - go for exit seats or the first row after business class
  • For the smoothest flight go for seats over the wings
  • For the quietest flight go for seats nearer the front but keep away from the restroom areas
  • Just Missed Your Flight?

    If you have just missed your flight and there is another flight about to leave, don't go to the ticket office, go straight to the gate, even if it is with a different airline. If there is a seat available, sometimes you can get lucky and they will let you on. It has happened twice for me. This will only work on domestic departures

    Finding City Accommodation

    If you aren't too fussy about which hotel you stay in and just want a 4 star hotel that is centrally located, book last minute. I usually book with less than 2 weeks out. It depends how long you can hold your nerve for. Cities tend to have lots of hotels to choose from so you are much more likely to get an affordable and nice hotel this way.

    Don't try this technique at busy times of the year e.g. New Year or during a special festival.

    Australia Travel Tips

  • Christmas and New Year in Australia? - If you fancy being here for the amazing fireworks in Sydney then you need to start booking now. Accommodation gets booked up very quickly for this time as do the many activities that are on offer.

    I'd recommend hiring a boat if you can get 20 of you together. If not, join a boat cruise for the best view of the bridge and fireworks.

  • If you are flying to Australia from overseas try to get a flight that gets in during the evening or late afternoon. Most flights arrive at about 6am and the best way to get over jet lag is to stay up all day. This is near impossible. Sometimes you can't check into your hotel until 2pm either when all you really want is a shower.

    It's much easier to get an evening flight so you can go to bed as soon as you get here.

  • What's New on the Real Australia Travel Website

    This month we've added a whole section on Australian Animals. From the cute to the deadly, you'll find everything you have always wanted to know about Kolas, Kangaroos, venomous snakes, spiders and the Great White Shark.

    yellow spotted tree frog camel joey kangaroo
    Endangered Animals Australian desert Animals Kangaroos
    cassowary Koala Bears
    Australian Rainforest Animals Dangerous Animals Koala Bears
    flying fox kangaroos numbat
    Unique Animals Kangaroo Facts Native Animals
    sleeping koala
    Koala Facts

    What's New In Australia?

    Melbourne Vintage Tours

    Melbourne has always been THE place to shop. If you like vintage clothes and memorabilia then this tour is the one for you. A chauffeur will drive you in an old vintage Ford 1500 and take you to the hidden gems of vintage boutiques, shops, cafes and much more.

    Tours include refreshments and cost approx $250 and there needs to be a minimum of 4 people. For more details go to

    Vintage Travel Tours.

    Happy Travelling!

    Johanna from Real Australia Travel.

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